Difference between pruning and trimming a tree

Tree Pruning

Difference between pruning and trimming a tree

If you have a home with trees in the backyard, big or small, you would have considered pruning or trimming the trees at some point. Both are very effective ways of managing your yard but slightly different from each other.

Pruning is a process which helps in the removal of unnecessary or dead branches from the trees. Trimming focusses on ensuring healthy growth for the trees.

One major difference between the two services or processes is that they are done at different times or seasons of the year. The equipments used in these processes are also quite different.

Let us try and understand the two services and the differences between them in detail.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a process that aids in better or healthier growth of trees, hedges and shrubs. Often, people who wish to sell their homes trim the trees to make their property look more appealing to prospective buyers. Professionals make it a point to eliminate green shoots which contribute towards promoting healthier growth of the plants. With trimming, you get to improve both the health and appearance of the trees and plants.

Tree Pruning

Contrary to the popular belief, pruning is not just about maintaining the trees or plants. Largely, pruning is a term that is linked to the removal of branches and roots which are not required. There are times when a branch or a couple of them spring up in the wrong direction. They might come in the way of some important establishments around your house and create trouble for your neighbors apart from bothering you endlessly. Such kind of unwanted growth can be controlled by pruning.

Equipment Used In These Services

Usually, people use shears when they engage in pruning. Based on your preference, you could use looping shears or hand shears. Most of these shears are quite strong and have the ability to move through very thin branches. If you are trying to prune a thick branch, you might require the services of equipment like a saw or. Shears, saws and trimmers could be used for trimming the trees. A hedge trimmer can also be used for tree trimming. It comes in both electric as well as gas-powered form.

Frequency of Trimming and Pruning

The frequency with which you need to prune or trim a tree or a plant depends on the species of the plant or the tree you are dealing with. Trees on which flowers grow during the spring season should be pruned in the month of June or July. For summer flowering trees, spring and winter seasons are more appropriate. According to experts, plants should be trimmed before they reach a height of 1 foot.

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