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What is the best tool for trimming trees ?

Tree trimming or pruning is an activity you will have to perform with every tree out there. Some trees need to be trimmed more frequently while for others, the frequency may be less. If you are a tree lover, you will know how the trees in your garden or yard grow and when they will need trimming. There are cases where haphazard growth or some branches of the tree are obstructing the view or are falling on live wire, which will call for immediate trimming.

To carry out the trimming of trees, you will need the appropriate tools. A professional tree trimming service agency may have invested in special equipment for trimming trees. You may not need them nor can you afford them. The following tree trimming tools in your garage can be adequate for the job.

Pruning Shears: The shears form the basic tool in any tree trimming activity. Shears come in various sizes and styles. You can go in for a simple one and a slightly larger one to handle the thick branches. You will come across three types of shears; these are rachets, bypass, and anvil. Check which one suits your purpose and order. Shears are also referred to as clippers or pruners in the trade.

Hedge Shears: You would have come across these shears in many households where they have grown a hedge or a fence and keep trimming it to maintain its shape and aesthetics. You can cut branches up to 2-inch in thickness.

Loppers: Loppers too can do the job of cutting the branches of trees like the sears. Interestingly, loppers also come in the same three types, rachets, bypass, and anvil. You can go up to 2 ½ -inch thick branches for trimming/pruning.

Pole Pruners: You have to imagine a long scissor or a pole that can reach up to 8-feet in height which will help you trim the branches of trees. The advantage of the pole pruner is that it eliminates the use of a ladder to climb and do the trimming. You can buy an electrically operated pole pruner as well.

Pruning Saws: As the name suggests, it is a saw and you will require it to cut branches of trees that are thicker in size. You can use a pruning saw to cut tree branches that are up to 5 feet in diameter. If you have a tree branch leaning on part of the building and can be a threat if not cut, pruning saws are handy to have.

The above are the bare minimum trimming tools you will require. You can always build on this list, but if the tree trimming is to be done once in a few months or a year, you don’t want to crowd your garage.

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